The Rio Indio Jungle Fishing Lodge is located in a region of Costa Rica & Nicaragua that puts our magnificent Jungle fishing lodge in the ideal location to offer a variety of Costa Rica Jungle Fishing Charters and Nicaragua Jungle Fishing Charters. Rio Indio Lodge offers the best Costa Rica Jungle Tarpon Fishing, Snook Fishing, Rainbow Bass Fishing, and Machaca Fishing.

World Class Jungle Fishing

Costa Rica Jungle Tarpon Fishing is the Top Choice amongst most of our guests that are looking for Jungle Fishing Action. Tarpon Fishing fills each angler with intense excitement and a worthy challenge from the ferocity this fish brings when it takes your Lure for a ride! Tarpon will start twisting, turning, and jumping into the air once it’s aware of imminent capture. The average Jungle Tarpon Fishing yields 60 to 80 pound fish. These Silver Kings will jump several times during the course of a fight and often will jump 10 feet or more in the air, thrashing and twisting every moment. Come join our Costa Rica Jungle Tarpon Fishing Lodge for the experience of a lifetime!

Snook Jungle Fishing Trips are incredible at our Costa Rica Fishing Lodge. We will take you to the backwaters of the many Rivers that surround our fishing lodge to catch Snook in the Jungle that will range from 18 Inches to and incredible 43 Inches. Our expert Jungle fishing guides know every inch of the Jungle River Waterways and will take you to all of their best fishing spots to catch Trophy Snook. Our Costa Rica Snook Fishing is some of the best around and our Head Chef Freddy will be standing by to cook your Snook when you return to the lodge.


Rainbow Bass Jungle Fishing Trips are among the finest for fierce hard striking action here at the Rio Indio Fishing Lodge. We have several lakes and river systems that ensure a high success rate when targeting these beautiful fish with tons of fight in them! This is a truly amazing experience since you won’t see any other anglers on this backwater fishing trip. It will be only you and your Costa Rica fishing guide. We look forward to hosting your next Jungle fishing adventure at our World Class Fishing Lodge.

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The Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits

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