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Costa Rica and Nicaragua are world famous for their biodiversity and are home to more than 750 recorded species of birds, numerous land mammals, incredible butterflies, feisty fish and endless plant life. The Rio Indio Adventure Lodge rests on the banks of the San Juan River surrounded by 850,000 acres of Rain Forest in the Rio Maíz National Park, which makes it the largest Rain Forest North of the Amazon Jungle. From the high Cloud Forest of Costa Rica to the Low Lands of the Nicaraguan Jungle, you will find a great deal of indigenous species of plants and animals that do not exist in other parts of the World.

What to Expect on our Jungle Tours

The San Juan River is a timeless passageway through dense tropical rain forest from Central America’s grandest lake to the Caribbean Sea. This historic river was the stage for great colonial period battles between the Spanish Crown and British and French pirates and later became the route of Cornelius Vanderbilt’s inter-oceanic steam ship service during the California gold rush. The Jungle Tour Package will take you through area so you can experience a piece of its’ history.

The Jungle Tour Package will also take you to San Juan del Norte (Greytown), which was founded by the Spanish and was a small fort and customs station. Spanish explorers first reached the bay at the mouth of the San Juan River on 24 June (feast day of Saint John the Baptist) 1539 and named it San Juan del Norte (St. John of the North).

You will get to meet some of the Rama Natives that have been living in the Jungles of this region for hundreds of years. The Rama are an indigenous people of Nicaragua, they are a warm people who are typically shy at first but are very welcoming to those who visit. The Rama Natives are fluent in English, which was heavily influenced by the British in the 1800’s when they visited Central America. The nearly 700 Rama Indians live in the Caribbean-Coast region of Nicaragua, in the departments of Zelaya Norte, Zelaya Sur and Río San Juan. The Rama Natives are hunters, fishers and agriculturalists growing mainly bananas and white cacao.

The Jungle Experience is ideal for the traveler who’s looking for comfort while exploring one of World’s less touched Rain Forest Reserves. If you are fond of nature, this is a must do trip!

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The Rio Indio Lodge is truly an incredible paradise nestled atop a river bank only minutes from the Ocean. The lodge and accommodations were breathtaking only to be trumped by the incredible Tarpon fishing and Snook fishing to be had just a short boat ride from the docks. I hooked several 160lb Tarpon and a friend on my boat hooked a 240lb Tarpon that took him 2 hours and 4o minutes to reel in! - Michael Davis

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Costa Rica and Nicaragua

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