Rio Indio Lodge is minutes away from the Costa Rican border in Southern Nicaragua. This lost paradise is located in the Rio Maiz National Park, a vast area filled with history, virgin jungles, wildlife and World Class Sport Fishing.

About Nicaragua

Nicaragua is friendly and diverse beyond most travelers' expectations. From its 28 volcanoes to its towering mountain ranges to the diverse tropical forests that blanket many regions of this country, Nicaragua has something for everyone. We'll take you sportfishing, birding, hiking, and much more.

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its biological diversity and for its varied geography with two coasts that provide a significant amount of tourism. Costa Rica has the best developed conservation program in Latin America; one fourth of the country is protected by the government and 12% of the total area lies within 25 National Parks that exist in Costa Rica. Come join us on your next sportfishing, birding, hiking tours.

About the San Juan River

The San Juan River is a timeless passageway through dense tropical rain forest from Central America's grandest lake to the Caribbean Sea. This historic river was the stage for great colonial period battles between the Spanish Crown and British and French pirates and later became the route of Cornelius Vanderbilt's inter-oceanic steam ship service during the California gold rush. The Rio San Juan, described by Mark Twain as “an earthly paradise, is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding rain forest experiences available anywhere.

About the Biological Reserve

The Biological Reserve Indio-Maiz, or Indian Corn, was established on June 18, 1999 by executive decree #66-99. It is an area of 2,639.8 sq kilometers and is composed of costal area, wet lands, swamps, primary forest and highlands. It is estimated that 70% to 80% of all species that live in Nicaragua are in the east coast of the country; out of this, 20% are in different degrees of threat.

Old Greytown

San Juan del Norte (Greytown) was founded by the Spanish and was a small fort and customs station. Spanish explorers first reached the bay at the mouth of the San Juan River on 24 June (feast day of Saint John the Baptist) 1539 and named it San Juan del Norte (St. John of the North).

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The Rio Indio Lodge is truly an incredible paradise nestled atop a river bank only minutes from the Ocean. The lodge and accommodations were breathtaking only to be trumped by the incredible Tarpon fishing and Snook fishing to be had just a short boat ride from the docks. I hooked several 160lb Tarpon and a friend on my boat hooked a 240lb Tarpon that took him 2 hours and 4o minutes to reel in! - Michael Davis

Located near the border of
Costa Rica and Nicaragua

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