The Rio Indio Tarpon Fishing Lodge is located in a region of Costa Rica and Nicaragua that puts our magnificent Tarpon Fishing Lodge in the ideal location to offer a variety of Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing Trips and Nicaragua Tarpon Fishing Trips. We provide the best Tackle-Tearing Tarpon Fishing in the Region! Our Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing Lodge and Nicaragua Tarpon Fishing Lodge, provides our Guests with an Exclusive Year-Round fishing destination for species unlikely to be found anywhere else. The best months for Tarpon Fishing in the Fall High Season are September & November. The best months for Tarpon Fishing in the Spring High Season are March, April, May, and early June.

Tarpon are the most sought after fish on the Caribbean Coast, and no other fish offers the Excitement and Hard Fight as does this Silver Giant. Tarpon will Leap into the air several times followed by twisting and turning. Costa Rica´s aerial acrobatic Tarpon average 120 to 140 pounds, and will jump six to eight times. These fish can jump 12 feet or more into the air, Twisting and Shaking the whole time! When Tarpon Fishing is Hot, you can jump 23+ tarpon a day, and no fish will more readily take your bait. We provide the best and safest Tarpon Fishing Charters in this region.

Costa Rica is home to the some of the Largest Tarpon in the World. Tarpon (Megalops Atlanticus) are the "Silver Kings" of our coastal waters and can grow beyond 7 feet in length and can weigh as much as 360 lbs. Tarpon is known for its’ spectacular leaps when hooked as a fierce attempt to get away. Rio Indio Lodge holds the regional record of releasing a 110” Tarpon with a girth of 48”. When scared, the Tarpon produces an exciting sound in the form of thumps using its’ swim bladder.


At The Rio Indio Lodge, we specialize in finding these Silver Kings. We offer Tarpon Fishing On The Ocean and Jungle Tarpon Fishing in the River System that surround Rio Indio Lodge. All of our Tarpon fishing guides on staff are Rama Natives from the region we provide services in. Our Fishing Guides are professional, knowledgeable and will get you hooked onto a fiercely fighting Tarpon that you will tell your friends & family about.

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